Crude oil Technical Chart

Crude oil is one of the most demanded commodity Crude oil inventory comes on every Wednesday at 8 pm that time its price is highly volatility in the market. We will teach you how to tackle it. In the Crudeoil Live Technical Chart we give target of 25-30 points & 15 points stop loss.

crude-oil technical analysis

Natural Gas Live Technical Chart

Natural gas is usually calculated in MMBTU, (1 MMBTU = 1 Million BTU {British Thermal Units.}) Natural Gas is used in cooking, agriculture and Industrial manufacturing. Natural gas price depends on climate condition, production, stock and economic growth. Natural Gas inventory comes on every Thursday at 8 pm that time it’s price is highly volatility in the market. Natural gas live technical chart analysis help’s you to take correct decision of buying or selling.

natural-gas auto buy sell signal chart